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From efforts to results

We‘re a tech and training company that creates human-centric learning experiences designed to instill confidence. No experience is required for you to pursue a better life through education. Together, our global community of instructors, professionals, and mentors will lead you on a journey to a highly skilled tech career.

IT Training

We follow best practices in our trainings .


IT Intensive Training

YOT will provide a formal registration form to participants for future use. Once payment is confirmed a subscribed MS Of...


Training Requirements

Here at YOT Technology, we have created a unique, easy, and friendly programs designed to prepare you for a rewarding ca...


What is needed from you?

First and foremost, students should have a willingness to learn, a desire to improve their skills and knowledge, and a d...


Provided from us

YOT Technology will provide you a subscribed Microsoft Office 365 account under our domain until the training is complet...

Software Development

We use the latest technologies to provide an efficient solution for clients.


Requirement analysis

First, we will discuss with the client about the software that needs to be built....


Build a prototype

Once the general requirements have been gathered, we will build a simple prototype to confirm that it matches with the r...


Project definition

Next, we will define with the client the scope, cost and how to request and handle feature/functionality changes....


Develop the software

Software development will kickstart. We follow agile methodology to ensure that the software being builts fulfills the c...


Release the product

The product will be deployed and be available for the end users....



We will provide maintenance such as feature addition or bug fix by using a ticketing system....


We have been in the tech industry for the past 5 years and we are open to share our experience with our clients.


Resume preparation

Remember that your resume is a marketing document that showcases your skills, experience, and potential. It's essential ...


Applying for jobs

YOT Technology will show you a professional way to apply for jobs online and respond to recruiters in a common and conve...


Mock interview

YOT Technology provides a job mock interview that simulates the real-life interaction between you and the hiring manager...


Post placement assistance

YOT Technology have professionals with a strong understanding of relevant technology who can provide valuable support to...